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Another Rung Falls - a poem by Rose Mapel

Another Rung Falls

Years back there was a buzz in the grass and floating delicate jewels on the breeze

Songbirds and sparrows were abundant in the trees and in the air

Nature was intact and a perfect cycle

The trill of bird voices filled the air with sounds of life

Bees collected pollen and were busy in their tasks to make Mother Earth even more abundant

The wildflowers were host to many insects-their place was secure

Food chains were intact

Warmth and prosperity poured over Creation

Where did we go wrong?

Rungs are starting to go missing from our ladder

The ladder of life

Silently and without a second glance or thought

Pieces are missing and thoughtlessly discarded

Nature is poisoned to “PERFECTION”

Another rung falls.

Native is replaced with imported

Nature needs Native

Another rung falls.

The next generation of food for the wild is thrown away thoughtlessly

They are the first building block on the chain

Where are the dandelions? Where are the bees?

The obsession-appear perfect for others

Poison to perfection

There are no consequences.

Another rung falls.

The bugs can not feed the birds-the chain is broken.

Their babies are starving

We are losing our wild spaces

People are grooming our world to death-habitat is gone

It does not fit. It is not perfection. Make it submit.

Another rung falls.

Be a rebel. Be brave.

Believe there is a larger picture. One that only you can change.

Fight for the life of those without voices

Fight to keep things wild-even in your own yard.

You have control. You can build a habitat to sustain.

Or you can let another rung fall.

By Rose Mapel

A note from Rose Mapel in regards to this poem.

It is my hope that this poem is a wake up call to those that want to preserve and keep our natural world thriving. As humans we all have decisions to make large and small everyday. It is my hope that awareness is made to the fact that it is important to help nature as it is literally running out of places to go. Food sources are waning due to pesticide use. Cement is replacing grass. Pockets of nature are getting smaller and smaller. Habitat is lost.

This story does not have to be a story of negativity. We can make the change. All of us. Together we can try to preserve what is left and try to bring the wild back even if it is in a slightly different form.

Thank you for taking time to read my poem and for your consideration.


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