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Brookestone View Art Show

The Creative Aging Through The Arts residency at Brookestone View in Broken Bow, NE through the Nebraska Arts Council concluded in August 2022 with this culminating event. The art show featured the work of the residents and was a great success! Residents, family members and staff enjoyed seeing the work of the talented artists that participated.

The residency consisted of painting in the forms of acrylic fluid art and traditional painting with with addition of adding mixed media. Mosaic coasters were created with stained glass and grouted and ceramic pinch pots were created and glazed as well.

My favorite part of the experience was seeing the smiles and the feelings of accomplishment by the residents. Art is a wonderful way to share your creative intuitiveness and to help to broaden and brighten someones day. While working on the projects together there was a sense of teamwork, pride and support for others.

Brookestone View was inspired to follow up the show with another show they called their Creative Gallery that featured art and crafts that were made by the talented residents earlier in their creative journey. Art has the power to inspire!


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