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Bees are so important! My original Bee in the Hive design is ready for you to tape and paint. We take the blah and add the ah! to the barn quilt painting process. This outdoor composite barn quilt blank comes to you fully prepared.


This blank is one sided and has my Bee in the Hive design drawn on it. Ready for tape and paint! We also sell barn quilts that are simply blank-see our other products for this option.


Aluminum Composite differs from wood becuase it is lighter (great for the person who is hanging it) and it does not have wood in it so it will never rot. Thickness is 1/8 of inch. Aluminum sheeting surrounds a hardy core. It has been prepared so it will look like a traditional wood barn quilt except it will not have the weight, bulk and wood to fail. This also makes it lighter for shipping.

Bee in the Hive Barn Quilt-Patten Drawn Not Painted

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