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Apricot 'N Snow Soft Scarf is crocheted by hand.  Soft apricot colored thick yarn with sparingly placed metallic small sequin threads  is the base for this scarf.  Between the 3 rows of apricot there are 2 rows of white eyelash yarn racing stripes.  Scarf edges are trimmed with a crisp orange trim crocheted with ribbon.  Fringe is on both ends of the scarf and the fringe consists of the yarns and thread that were used in the scarf.  Fringe is approximately 6 inches and scarf is approximately inches 57 inches long and 5 inches wide.A decorative removable pin comes with the scarf-when you have the scarf wrapped as you like it the button pin will hold it in place so you do not have to keep adjusting it.

Apricot 'N Snow Soft Scarf

SKU: 105
  • Wash by hand and dry scarf laying flat.

    If you are not 100% happy with your purchase please contact us and we will make it right.

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