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Color Choices

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

This is something that I always find fascinating. In every class I notice this observation play out to some degree. This observation was noted after teaching many barn quilt, acrylic pouring, painting and craft workshops. I know there is an ebb and a flow with color popularity so note this was written in June of 2019.

With my classes the participants have a wide range of color choices. As they choose their colors and color themes, patterns start to emerge. The ones that wear purple to class almost always have purple in their color choice. Purple lovers are hard core purple fans. They are serious about their love of that color! This seems to be true for the teal lovers as well! Many times the colors of sports teams shows up in the color choices. Little girls are drawn to the pinks, lime greens, teals and neon shades. Boys and men tend to go more to the greys and orange family. Blue is popular for them as well. I would say blue is one of the most common colors used in art in my classes with both sexes. The patriotic colors of red, white and blue are extremely popular as well. I would say that the pinks and purples are the least used colors in my collection of colors. However, those that love these colors LOVE those colors and they are the main colors in their projects.

Those that are drawn to black, grey and white in their life color choices often use use this color scheme that is safe to them. But-sometimes something amazing happens. They leave their comfort zone and branch out in their art and try new colors! It seems there is some level of hesitation but they decide to try something new. After it is said and done I have observed they are happy they did it but some decide it may be to colorful for themselves and will gift it. Trying it is all part of the art experience-that is really what this is all about.

Art is about trying new things and experiencing the process-it is not always about the end result. This is what makes us learn and it gives us a base to grow from. Every experience adds to our future expression in our art. Keep exploring new things and trying out new processes...that is what art is all about!

Rose Mapel

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